Hilo Donato Laxa, BSN, CGRN, BA

President, 2016-2018

Theme:  Dynasty of Preserving Traditions through  Empowerment, Leadership, Innovation and Inspirations .

PNAVA embarked on three major programs:

  • Education focusing on improving clinical and  Leadership skills.
  • Recruitment of new members.
  • Community projects and outreach programs

5 Education workshops that focused on both clinical and leadership development

2 Membership drives and Video Campaign “ I Am PNAVA” increasing membership by 300%
Community Health and Outreach Programs  that are well publicized in the Filipino Nurse

Community Health Fairs at the Philippine Cultural Center
First Aid Provider at various Filfest, Basketball Tournaments, Festival and Foundations for Children.
Donation to Operation Smile ($1000.00) Habal Habal Project ($400.00) in the Philippines

Awards: published in the Filipino Nurse

  • PNAA award for the Highest Chapter Membership Growth
  • Outstanding leader for PNAA membership Recruitment.
  • PNAA Rookie of the Year Award presented at the PNAA Eastern Region Conference, Baltimore Maryland
  • Rebirth  of the Website and the Filipino Nurse

Appointment of  key leader and team to launch the website with regular publications.

Effective Networking strategies to keep members engaged in PNAVA and PNAA.

  • Circle of Presidents luncheon
  • Appreciation Night
  • Nurse week Celebration
  • Christmas Party Award Night
  • Sponsorship of  student nurse to the Global  Summit
  • Meet and Greet PNAA president and Eastern Region Vice President

Fundraising Activities with Flare and Education-focus

  • The Kentucky Derby Fundraising Dance showing a skit on Improving Patient Safety
  • Zumba for Operation Smile
  • “Denim & Diamonds”
  • Golf Tournament 88 “ Swing for Education”
  • “Who is Your Superhero”
  • Christmas Caroling