The Philippine Nurses Association of  Virginia, Inc.

EST. September, 1978

An organization on the move

Then and now

Established as Philippine Nurses Association of Tidewater.  Its  primary goal was

to promote personal and professional growth and  help the under boards  with licensure..

1978-1986:  The1 Formative years.

  • Constitution and Bylaws, committee formation
  • Review classes for the under boards
  • Focus on Membership, fostering relationships
  • Networking and collaboration with other organizations
  • Established community health programs and outreach donations of medical supplies to the

1987-1992 :  Competency  and  Financial stability

  • Strengthening of Education
  • Host of the Philippine Nurses of America’ s National Convention in Virginia Beach, 1989
  • Nursing competency on center stage
  • lifetime membership
  • Leadership position in PNAA
  • Health Screening for the elderly.

1993-2002 : Years of Growth, Making History , Paving the way

  • Name changed to  Philippine Nurses Association of Hampton Roads
  • Renamed the newsletter, The Filipino Nurse
  • Building Alliances with Allied Health Care and National organization.
  • In 1997,  host of the 18th Annual PNAA convention was held in Virginia Beach.
  • Legislative /Policy Forums
  • A seat at the Virginia State Board of Nursing at the helm
  • Appointments to Commissions, local and statewide.
  • Nursing Excellence Awards, PNAA Award in Enterpreneurship, Volunteer Achievement Awards and Outstanding Member Awards
  • The 501 C3 application was initiated

2003  -2010 :  Sustained Growth and Commitment to the organization.

  • Approval of 501 c 3 status
  • Revision of the bylaws
  • Hosted the 6th PNAA Eastern Regional Conference
  •  Awards continue : PNAA Excellence Awards, PNAVA presidential awards
  • Creating PNAVA subchapter in Richmond.
  • Leadership positions in PNAA
  • Scholarship Program
  • Elimination of the GCFNS
  • Another seat at the Virginia Board of Nursing
  • Hosted the  PNAVA hosted the 6th PNAA Eastern Regional Conference at the Sheraton  in 2004.
  • Reach out projects : Operation Smile, Gawad Kalinga, Habal –Habal Project and donations to Yolanda Typhoon Victims

2013-present :  The Emergence of  Young leaders

New nursing  leaders took the wheel  and continued the programs which were started by their predecessors.

  • Another seat in the Board of Nursing
  • Community participation in Fil-Am Friendship Day as First Responders
  • Emphasis on Wellness- Zumba, Walkathon, etc.
  • President’s Circle Reunion
  • A more aggressive participation of members and chairs of committees.
  • Reengineering of the Website and the Filipino Nurse
  • Increased fundraising activities and scholarship programs.

The foregoing milestones of PNAVA reflect the accomplishments of our organization as the presidents in the respective periods  led  the organization forward.  A detailed account of what  occurred  in each period is available in the history . The presidents’ and members’ individual accomplishments show how the PNAVA was transformed from its humble beginning to what it is today- bold and future oriented . The achievements of everyone is not for themselves alone but a shared honor and joint  effort  by  everyone. From a modest beginning, we continue to grow together.

“ So never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning however small, for it is wonderful how often in such matters—the mustard seed germinates and roots. “  Florence Nightingale

Written by Isabelita Paler, MSN, RN President, 1993