Isabelita “Levy” Paler, MSN, BSNIMG_4819_Facetune_15.10.2017-21_16_56

University of Santo Tomas & Hampton University

It was her father’s dream that Levy would come to America to experience the promise of American liberty that espouses equality for all.  Educated in the Philippines and in the United States, she took advantage of ample opportunities to be the best that she could be.  Levy’s role in education, administration and community service demonstrates  her zest for knowledge, determination, organization, work ethic and hard work.  She believes in nurturing the talents of young minds to reach their maximum potential.

  • Professional Highlights
    • Assistant Director, Norfolk Sentara School of Nursing, 1986-1990
    • Associate Chief, Primary Care; Associate Chief Nurse, Nursing Department; Director, Telehealth Nursing, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 1999-2010
    • President, Virginia State Board of Nursing, 1997-1998
    • Board Member, Virginia State Board of Nursing and Health Professions, 1994-2002
    • President, Philippine Nurses Association of Hampton Roads , 1993 – guided by the theme, “A Time to Speak”, she harnessed the talents of its members to have their voices heard through the newsletter which was renamed “Filipino Nurse”.
  • Community Highlights
    • President, Batangas Association, 1979-1983
    • President, Philippine American Community of Tidewater, 1984-1985
    • Board Member, Council Of United Filipino Organization of Tidewater ( current) Chairman of  Constitution and Bylaws Committee and Chief Strategist that landed  

CUFOT  the  Genny Lopez ABS-ABN  Bayaning  Filipino Award in 2009

    • Chairman, St. Pius X Church Pastoral Council,  2015-2017
  • Awards: Philippine Nurses Association of America  1998, Nursing Excellence Award in Administration,  2008 Twenty Outstanding Filipinos Abroad; University of Santo Tomas Distinguished Alumni Award 1994, PNAVA Outstanding Member Award , Superior Performance Awards, Hampton VAMC
  • Graduation Speaker: Hampton University College of Nursing, 1997
  • Presenter: PNAA convention, 1997. Work related papers and presentations.


If  her  father was here, he would say, “ good job my daughter” , to which

Levy would reply, “ You and mother taught me well.”