May Nurse Spotlight

We work among many immigrant nurses. They all have a story. Meet Fe. She was a nurse working in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia but worked as a nursing care partner here for 10 years. For many needing this motivation, her’s will definitely inspire you.

I graduated from Mary Chiles College, College of Nursing, Philippines, in 1997. Back then, it was hard to be employed in my own country so I decided to be an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Saudi Arabia. I spent almost 10 years in Saudi Arabia until my application as an immigrant to America was approved. In 2011, I immigrated here to Virginia Beach with my two kids. Being a single mom, it was very hard to manage between my work as a nursing care partner and to raise them. I chose to work night shifts so I can supervise them.

I really wanted to pursue my nursing career and the only way was to pass the NCLEX. In between night duties and being a mother to my two children, I tried to read books and review on my own to pass the beast (NCLEX). I failed many times but I kept trying. I made sure that I was reading 20-50 questions a day to freshen my mind. I asked for other resources from my colleagues and they were also a good help to me.

With the pandemic, I believe that the world needs nurses so without hesitation, I conquered my fear and took the NCLEX again. I believe 2020-2021 is the year for nurses and with all the sacrifices and dedication, I passed the NCLEX exam! I am very proud to say that if you believe in yourself and if you have the heart to be a nurse, YOU WILL BECOME A NURSE.

I am now employed at Sentara Princess Ann Hospital as a Registered Nurse! I dedicate my accomplishments to the love and support of my parents and family.

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