May 2021 President’s Message

Dear PNAVA members and community friends, 

It has been over a year since the pandemic began and we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel for the freedom to un-mask and see each other’s smiling faces again. We continue to exemplify our theme to connect, create, and collaborate with community leaders on community outreach and innovative projects to educate and advocate for underserved populations. We truly are blessed to be able to serve our fellow citizens.

In April, we continued our collaboration to expand our partnerships with community outreach.  During our first PNAVA General Assembly, Steve Zollos, CEO of Seniors Services of Southeastern Virginia (SSSEVA), shared highlights of services that focus on underserved populations such as meals on wheels, wellness education, transport, and more. We also participated in their vaccine clinic held at Hayden Village on April 24th. As we expand opportunities for volunteering across southeastern Virginia we will continue to network with SSSEVA’s volunteer coordinator and post those opportunities on our website. Dr. Cynthia Romero, Director of the M. Foscue Brock Institute for Community and Global Health and Chairman of the Council of United Filipino Organizations of Tidewater, shared some valuable insight on filipino health and how COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the health disparities of minorities in southeastern Virginia. We look forward to creating more collaborative projects in the upcoming months that focus on raising awareness of health disparities through education and health fairs.

Outstanding people have one thing in common:  an absolute sense of mission to serve. PNAVA volunteers in cooperation with Coastal Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, New Jerusalem, the Virginia Department of Health, Vaccinate Virginia, Virginia Beach Emergency Medical Response, and the Virginia Beach Medical Reserve Corp participated in community vaccine clinics that resulted in over 600 people vaccinated with their first and second doses. Many thanks go out to the nursing students from South University for their volunteer service. I commend many of our PNAVA members for becoming trained vaccinators through the VBMRC and EMS systems. It was very heartwarming to witness the unity displayed in our community during these events. Citizens have been working hard at increasing vaccination rates.  As a result we are seeing a dramatic decline in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and statewide test positivity rates. 

The month of May displays a website showcase of our members’ stories of achievements, resilience, and kindness, an ongoing theme that exemplifies nursing. Let us continue to inspire each other professionally!  

On May 12, Robert Dyer, Mayor of Virginia Beach, honored us with his presence at our Proclamation of International Nurses day dinner held at the Mermaid Winery in Norfolk.  

The Constitution and Bylaws were recently amended with the addition of a new member “affiliate” category; new committee’s: Budget & Finance, Legislative, Ethics and Human Rights, Policy and Procedure, Historical Committee; and a powerful mission statement. Elevating our guiding principles paves our vision to reach our mission.

Join us for upcoming community events as the pandemic regulations begin to lift in Virginia. 


Catherine Paler, MSN, RN, PCCN

26th PNAVA President

 Open Positions:

  • Grant Writer: One of the best ways for nonprofits to receive critical funds is through grants. Philanthropic individuals and foundations want to fund organizations like ours. research, write and submit grant requests on behalf of PNA Virginia. 
  • Legislative Committee Chair: create opportunities to learn about legislative policy change and collaborate with state officials on issues that impact nursing. 
  • Members for any standing committee on Human Rights, Ways and Means, and Community Outreach.  

 Member Opportunities:  

  • The PNAA 2nd Virtual National Convention in July 2021: PNA Virginia will sponsor 2 General members and 2 nursing students.
  • Ask us about Passport Nurses membership engagement sponsorship.
  • Retired RN’s who are community church members and are interested in filipino health education and outreach.
  • Immigrant RN’s who have the desire to review for NCLEX or need guidance to get started.

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