Circle of Presidents Luncheon ‘21

Luncheon sponsored by the Philippine Nurses Association of Virginia honoring the legacy of the Circle of Presidents! Thank you to all the Presidents who were able to attend!

September 25, 2021, Saturday
The Butcher’s Son, Chesapeake

Catherine Paler 2020-2022
Hilo Laxa 2016-2018
Justine Ford, 2013-2014
Beatriz Sazon, 2011-2012
Merla Marcelo, 2009-2010
Guia Caliwagan, 2007-2008
Bella Nocon, 2001-2002
Elizabeth Reyes, 2003-2004
Isabelita Paler, 1993
Leonor Sábado, 1990
Nancy Dimaano, 1988
Peregrin Francisco, 1987
Araceli Marcial, 1978

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