What is NOMELEC?

It is the Nomination and Election Committee.  The Nomelec is responsible for the process of selecting the officers of the chapter from the acceptance and screening of nominees to the casting and counting ballots for the members of the Chapter Board.

What is new for PNAVA this election year?

  • As the upcoming election is fast approaching, NOMELEC made changes on the election process to accommodate nurse’s busy lives with works and families, to have a better membership engagement, and to have a greater impact in our election process.
  • We cast votes through electronic voting.

Why vote?

Participating in an electoral process is an important rights and obligations of every PNAVA member. By casting a vote, you are choosing a candidate to represent the PNAVA vision and mission.

Please explore the Election Timeline, Candidates Nomination Form and Instruction, and NOMELEC PPP to get all the information regarding our upcoming election process.

The PNAVA 2020 ELECTION Timeline Grid .docx

Candidate Nomination Form Instructions.docx And Application Forms

NOMELEC Website 2020 PNAVA Presentation.pptx

Hi-lo Donato Laxa

NOMELEC Chairwoman

The NOMELEC team: IMG_5654

Mr. Donnie Sapalicio  Mrs. Mia Padua Malasa  Mrs. Hi-lo Donato Laxa

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